What is the difference between Android and iOS app development

The main differences between the iOS platform and the Android platform for developing APP applications:

First, the coding language The Android platform is developed using Java, while the iOS platform is Objective-C and Swift. It should be noted that if you are developing with ios, you must have an Apple device, so the cost may be higher than the cost of Android.

Second, APP development tools ios and Android will use various tools for APP development. Android uses a multi-functional IDE Android Studio, which makes development a lot easier. The ios platform uses XCode, which supports Swift programming.

Third, the performance of APP applications In terms of performance, ios applications are higher, because they have their own environment, the operating system can be regularly upgraded without relying on other devices; Android applications, because many devices run custom Android Operating system will not get free upgrades.

If developers want to publish applications on ios, you need to wait a few days, because the APP requires Apple's official review, thereby reducing the chance of errors; if it is released on Android, you only need to wait After a few hours, you can upload the application directly.

Although the time is fast, it may not be as good as ios for security. If an enterprise chooses Shangling Cloud to develop custom apps, it needs to develop two separate systems, namely iOS and Android.

If you make your app online through Shangling Cloud, you can generate ios and Android apps at the same time, and you can also make applets, mobile websites, and micro malls, which is very convenient, and the price is only about tens of thousands. Functional Requirements.
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