How to buy Bitcoin?

The following is a summary of some large trading platforms that can be traded by Bitcoin. Since many website servers block domestic users, some websites need to bring their own ladders if they are not accessible.

  • Binance Network
  • OKEX Network
  • Huobi Network
  • ZB network
  • Bit-Z network
  • Biter Overseas
  • OEX Network
  • Coinnet

Here we use Huobi Network

1, first enter the trading platform URL in your browser

2. After entering the homepage, click Switch Language in the upper right corner, and register and log in

3. After logging in, if you plan to purchase digital currency, you must first pass the real-name authentication of the trading platform, and bind the bank card and other payment information as required.

4. After authenticating your personal information, click "Fiat Currency Trading" in the upper left corner, and then click "Buy" after entering. It should be noted here that users can choose their own payment method and the amount of purchase before buying. There is no limit to the number of transactions. You can also buy as little as a few tenths.

6. Of course, because we buy bitcoin through a "fiat currency account", there is no need to pay a commission here. "Fiat currency account" is equivalent to an over-the-counter trading platform. The exchange provides a platform where buyers and sellers can use this platform. On the transaction, one side of the exchange does not charge fees, and is only responsible for intermediate supervision and coordination. Many users may worry that the money is paid and the other party does not issue coins.

In fact, there is no need to worry about this. When you click to buy bitcoins, the trading platform will freeze the part of the bitcoins you purchased first, waiting for you. After the payment is successful, you only need to click "Paid". If the seller does not "issue a coin" within the time limit set by the system, the system will automatically issue the coin to your platform account. Be sure to remember to click "Paid" after payment to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future. If you are a seller, you should also pay attention to the receipt of the seller's money and then click "Send Coins". If there is an operation error in the middle that causes losses, you can contact the platform customer service to deal with it. If you have a large amount of money or there is a problem with the coordination between the two parties, remember to find your uncle.
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