5 Beauty Tips No One Told You

Is this thing on my God I'm going vertical today I'm excited about this I'm just going to take up more of your screen so you can see what's up hey I'm Alexander I make YouTube videos and I feel like I feel like summer is like one of those times were ads make it out to be like effortless and easy and Chic but in reality for me this is like the hardest time of your beauty issues hair issues more hair issues lots of hair give you five beauty tips to make these issues a little bit easier and the truth is anybody who's ever looked put together or beautiful or effortless they're putting in a lot of effort and summer is one of those times where it's actually not effortless to look your best and I'm going to share some things that will put you on the fast track to feeling really confident let's start the video also give it a thumbs up if you enjoy but if you don't give it a thumbs down.

Let's you feel and let's get started let's talk about makeup because makeup has a completely different feel and has a completely different effect summertime that it does in any other season makeup is a colored cosmetic we're using Color to redefine and enhance our features in a way that feels good but in the summertime texture is the first thing the eye notices about makeup and well when I think of the sun I think of it as like happy and light and cheerful but it's actually very abrasive and a cast high contrast scan and washes out color but emphasizes texture so that's why I recommend before you choose your makeup look think about what kind of lighting you're going to be in and this is something I consider because I personally like to cater my look not to photographs where I would wear more makeup for but her in person things because that's where I want to look my best leave behind structural makeup changes like doing a cut crease and go for a bold colors if you're going to have some fun but keep it simple on the skin and reduce the amount of foundation and covered you're wearing with that simpler looks looks so much better in the summer time and that's because the first thing that stands out is color and silhouette in the sunlight so redirecting your attention from Bold bright makeup looks and finding ways to add that to engaging Fabrics Silhouettes and dresses that don't necessarily have to be tight hairstyles that are half up this can really emphasize your whole look and that's because in a really high Khan and your silhouette of your clothing is what's really going to stand out the most with all that said in the summertime it's time to enhance your biological Beauty the elements we all share before we add color Cosmetics on top like Hair Skin brows and lips finding ways to enhance these naturally occurring things about us is going to make us feel more confident pull in a much quicker way now it's not easy to pull off a no makeup look with literally not a stitch of makeup and I'm going to show you a no makeup look we're not going to use any foundation and this is going to be aiming to show that there is absolutely nothing but naturalness happening on the face this look is going to play to the natural elements of beauty that make us seem healthy and sexy and naturally gorgeous and we're going to using Photoshop techniques with makeup to really make this look real you've heard sunscreen is good for sun protection to prevent against cancer Etc aging but this I want to tell you actually will help you continually brighten your skin over time if you're using a sunscreen every single day and you absolutely must if we're going to continue this relationship together just kidding but seriously please start you I hope your skin brighten over time especially if you're using any form of skin care at this is going to protect you from Thelma l&S which will make you look more natural theme of biological Beauty it's time for lip plumper I love this and by this I just mean like any lip plumper doesn't have to be this one in fact o link my favorite one below but using any lip plumper is always going to like bring blood to the surface when there's no blood in the lift they look like a purple ashy color and when there is they look beautiful Simon 5 minutes and move on to the next step now if you've never applied blush to bare skin I encourage you to give it a try even if you need to use a little spot concealer if you have some acne try a peach blush because it brightens up dholna and some of the same things were getting from the coverage of the blush we'd be looking for in Foundation you might find that you need less than you think now that we've got a few pretty and juicy looking focal points on the face let's correct some of the pigment that doesn't seem so flattering this under eye of mine has a lot of blue tone so I'm using a peach color corrector and this is going to brighten up the area and I'm putting this above the lip for discoloration as well I'm going to blend everything after I spot conceal and make sure that it Blends seamlessly especially staying pigmented in the areas I placed it down the lips and the blush are both bringing a beautiful Rosy flush and the last step is to lift the lashes all the way up so they look wide awake and bright applying mascara is really easy when they're listed because it automatically makes you look beautiful skin brows and let certain care of and now the face looks still pretty plain but really beautiful and bright and you can't tell that I'm wearing makeup this last step is going to look like a little Shimmer and makeup and that's cool because it looks like that's all I'm wearing for the little highlighter on the cheeks if you want to go in so as a result of like focusing on those aspects of doing my makeup I realize actually want to get my lashes lifted permanently I love this treatment I feel like this is one of those beauty treatments that has a really high like appreciate I don't think anyone would not appreciate the way that this looks makes mascara look so beautiful like your lashes you just wake up and they're like already standing up which you wouldn't think makes like a huge difference like I feel like when people think of eyelashes the one extend them and make them so much larger but sometimes it's those subtle differences that will make you still feel like you but like way more beautiful and that is such a powerful feeling okay so the first visual where I am like yeah the arrows pointing that's why I have my eyebrows bleached and on the other side I don't have them bleach bleaching my brows is one of those subtle changes that brightens up the face and if you have ever used a lightener in your hair put some highlights in or Balayage I highly recommend using a brow lightener there's a small amount of like black pigment that has a bit of a gray tone in it that lives in the eyebrow and I want to remove that entirely so leaving the sign for only 5 minutes makes it really easy to just take that gray shade out and I'm left behind with the darkest brunette brow if you've ever lighten your hair give this a try and if you have a medium or olive skin tone like me you might really acres for brightening your face thumbs up if you're enjoying the video so far so I know if you like it in life I noticed we go in circles were like chasing something or where we're console the same thing come up again and patterns are just like such a thing for me I always want to master stuff when I see a pattern and I noticed the same issues the same things that made me feel insecure like 10 years ago are still there strawberry legs are one of the biggest things I've dealt with and ultimately body hair like being way hairier than like everybody and like having thick dark he lives underneath the skin even if I shaved even if I wax I always had.

Hair removal is the one solution that will actually remove the hair from the root so those little dark. Agropur know if you have a little red. That's a sign of inflammation and that can be fixed with glycolic washes aha products and things in the shower that will exfoliate the poor now it's difficult as it is to have strawberry legs but it is really normal especially because light hair naturally would let dark hair crusoe the only way to really get rid of strawberry legs if it's from hair is to get laser to permanently remove the root this is not just a beauty treatment this is me ending the chase this is me ending.

I feel terrible every single time I have to wear shorts this is that thing that's like providing a solution for something that's going to boost my confidence a really big way this requires an investment of time and money and I realize that I made excuses for not doing things that require both time and money but I've been chasing other things too kind of like mask my lack of confidence these issues select I'd rather not taste clothing or things like that I'd rather put some money aside and really solve my problem so I truly feel great summer for me feels like the perfect time to learn and I've been I actually consider going back to school recently cuz I I just been really passionate about improving like the content that I'm making and like getting really accurate on things like skin and anyways I really like I really like skin that's what I'm getting at here I thought maybe maybe I would study in school to be like professional you know cuz I like keep my skin clear but it's funny because it's like I thought I really had it down that was filming this video.

Let me see. Acne and I do and it's it was actually pretty bad when I first discovered it I think I've been dealing with this for longer than I thought but now it's summer time so I like want to wear stuff that shows my back and I'm like damn it I have back acne and I did not know but at the same time I was like great I've been learning about skin so I have an opportunity to self-actualize the game plan because I've been studying acne so I'm going to look at this and assume that it doesn't really seem like a mystery to me I can see that this is really appearing and a tank top kind of racerback shape and it's especially prominent around the bra line area the big thing I learned about acne is that making it more clean making everything more clean does not necessarily mean you're going to solve acne it's not a hygiene issue it and condition of inflammation and polyester seems to be driving this particular case of acne because it's really forming in the line of a broad excetra polyester is a fabric that's treated to behave like cotton so it's treated to become very soft but the reality is it's a plastic plastic is going to trap sweat oil air pollutants like if you're living in a city with any cars in it there is stuff in the air that you can't even see that's going to combine and kind of like a live under your clothing and stop the cell turnover process so again this is not a matter of dirt but this is a matter of interrupting and creating inflammation based around a process that's supposed to happen this process luckily can be assisted with a chaise and glycolic acid I'm going to use chemical exfoliation in the shower realistically I know I got to take a shower everyday so why not use a cleanser that has something that will go into the skin and break the bond between old cells and new cells and those old cells are what's causing the inflammation causing the acne to actually get rid of back acne like I literally was like okay I cannot reach my back for sure with my hands so I had to get one of these things from Amazon this is just like a back scratcher type Vibe thing it's really just for washing yourself and it's really easy to just pop them cleanser on it louder it up slightly let you know you're really Distributing this and then just use this as a physical exfoliation with your chemical exfoliation cleanser and literally after a few weeks all of the redness with acne scarring which is going to take some time to heal the thing about skin care if you have to make it practical so that you can maintain consistency this has to be done at least three times I followed up with a glycolic acid toner this one is not my favorite in terms of using it because I don't have like a cap for it so I just like have to pour it in my hand but it really works because this will literally kind of gently burn off with the lair of Darkness that is creating those acne scars and in order to protect that I need to put it SPF on even if the sun is shining over your clothing it's still reaching the skin if you can see through your clothes the Sun is going to dark in any of those acne marks so I had to use a spray SPF religiously and it took some time and in the meantime it's not perfect but I'm so comfortable to wear backless tops okay this is so satisfying to me if you really want to look your best you when it's a fabulous you have to be prepared like it's not an option especially in summer time because plans change it's hot you don't feel like this or that you have to be prepared this is perfect bezel like gift with purchase cosmetic bags are going to be perfect for this little thing I have a lightweight pack of travel-size these are great for keeping you fresh feminine hygiene is really great on the go and I'm also bringing a little.

Cuz I'm a wave off my deodorant and want to reapply and get to get really sweaty customize the items in this on the go bag I think of powder Contour get Willie is a great one try to aim your bag at the situation you'll be in so SPF or maybe you're going to sleep over somewhere toothbrush that can be really great these are the items that essentially if you had nothing else they would make you feel great like mascara and brow is or a little hairspray and remember what you actually do in your life so that you can keep things really relative to your life pack up these little sample they never use these guys but it's like if you bring these with you not only other waitlist but you never know what's going to come in handy and here's with so satisfying about this like you will just have this bag living in your house in anytime plans change your things come up grab it and be so thankful when you actually end up needing the items in it I don't know why this is so great but his feel like I'm taking care of my future self and I love that feeling now little sidetracked from beauty I used to I used to go to school as a kid and I I didn't really get the greatest grade I used to get really great grades if I cared but that was really rare if I if I cared about something I could do well with it but when I didn't care I really struggled with and I came to a point where I like I would come home and I'm like Dad listen I literally will never need to know this in real life like why would I ever need to learn something I'm never going to use it and he was like listen Ali this in front of you what you're learning is actually going to be teaching you how to learn learning how to learn let my mean I've barely made it through high school so I'm not talking about getting great grades but I did learn a lot about persevering and getting through the things that seem difficult because as somebody who's always wanted to follow her own path I run into a ton of moments that would have seemed like closed doors but have been able to open those and learn things I didn't know because I hold the conference I have the skills to be able to learn new things and apply them to my life to change improve my life and with that I want to thank skillshare for sponsoring this video this is an online community filled with thousands of different courses and you're learning from people who are like self-actualizing teaching which is really exciting for me so I've been learning from experts I learned all about the art of giving a presentation which is really helping with me if what I'm doing right now and then I'm also learning about self care i'm sewing cuz I really like like altering my own clothes and it's really affordable especially compared to classes it's less than $10 annual membership and because filter is sponsoring this video 30 good once as a free trial click the link below design now it's time for Rapid Fire beauty tips these are basically the things I think while they really helps me but there they don't really need a whole lot of explanation if you have the little hairs that stick up like Alfalfa this is like a sign of breakage with a couple is always normal I'm taking a little bit of hair spray tan to the hands and then pressing it down before it's dry and this is going to literally glue them to head this makes it look sleek and smooth and I love doing this every time I wear my hair straight and makes it look that much better and it's a very celebrity asked Rick that's what they all do okay I feel like that's where the most underrated accessory in the summer time for women like a lot of people haven't seen themselves in a hat and it can be such a good look so try different styles and see what works for you and in the summer time I recommend wearing these one to pull your outfit together that makes you look more glamorous but number to this is going to protect you from all of those harsh lighting elements that come when you're in the sun like peach fuzz and under eye Hollows things like that it makes you look more glamorous if you have the light diffuser over your face by wearing a hat to brighten up dark muni line use that same cleanser are you from the back acne routine you don't need to use a body brush for this but using that religiously along with an SPF will help brighten the bikini area over time the one make a problem I've always had like since I was like 12 or 13 years old is my mascara smudging I have found out through research that the only way to prevent this is to switch to a wax paste formula mascara I will link my favorite below you literally use it as normal at it but like it finally solve my biggest problem which way is my mascara smudging since it's a wax paste formula it can't happen winter and then like all of a sudden it's like summer and Waring stuff it's like pretty much the equivalent of a bra and underwear in front of other people and it's like a lot like to wear a swimsuit like I don't know why I just feel like with my skin like showing it just feels uncomfortable and anytime I've been in a bikini situation where I'm focusing on little imperfections about my body I've started to use accessories to draw my own Iowa from my imperfection the kind of expect wear your bikini but you little accessories like body glitter or big earrings things like cover-ups are Fabrics anklets things that make you feel really happy to draw your own I away from the things that you might be focusing on in a negative way this is going to make you feel more confident a time we can feel better about ourselves with little things like this it's a real ahead of the game moment hair tips when okay everytime I get my.

How much information I just always know I'm going to get cramps so I was take like my medication or like a little pain killer before that actually happens if they know my cycle I've started to do the same thing with dry shampoo like I literally use it before I need it because it's like I know my hair is going to get greasy on the third day so that's when I start to use my dry shampoo before it's actually oily and that way the dry shampoo is kind of sitting on the hair shaft waiting for oil to come out and it takes care of it immediately okay you know how everybody's like wearing their hair in a certain curled way now like it's a very undine at texturized beachy very like I woke up like this kind of hairstyle and it's a little bit messy something completely different problem like how I used to think of curls like so perfect and tight I bought a new curling iron which is like a huge moment cuz I literally had my other one for like eight years and years and years so now I expect this one's going to take me till I'm like 35 but anyway that's exciting and I'm going to use this piece of the exact way I would normally use a classic curling iron leaving out the ends and I'm pulling it down a little bit so that


I'm getting pulled out curl the hair up here that girl that's just kind of bent in a way that's very texture e and cute and this is a perfect summer hairstyle this goes really well data I want to continue to wear your hair without restyling it it just ages so beautifully and once you done your whole head it doesn't look good ironically you just have to make sure that after you do all of these bands in your hair you're going to flip it over and then start shaking from the route you have to shake the hair and really like almost scrub the root of the hair to texturize it and now we have a decision to make if you want to have glossy locks go for something that's Whaley battle but if you want a sexy look then go for some texturizing spray I'm going to spray this on the outer layers of the hair and move the hair a little bit but start lifting like quarter sections of the hair and really spray underneath there so that we're not kidding ourselves we're actually getting product all over because this is going to create some grit and hold if you do it right it's going to look fantastic those are going to tips those are all of the Tiffany hope that you enjoyed all of them at least one of them and let me know if you made it to the end of the video you got first dibs let me know what you want to see my next video and leave a comment I love you bye bye
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